Make a list

Day 2

Today’s exercise is to make a list and to get into list-making mood, to pick from a list of ideas suggested by the author (The five-minute writer by Margret Geraghty).  I chose:

List some smells that have special meaning for you

  • Fresh cut grass – just smells so fresh. Reminds me of warm Spring days and sunshine.
  • Sea – I love the smell of the sea first thing in the morning, fresh and intense.
  • Coffee – freshly brewed coffee in the morning, drank sweet with fresh bread.
  • Fresh bread – reminds me of a beach where we used to spend a month in the summer when I was a kid.  It was baked in a wood burning oven and we picked it up still hot. Divine with butter and sweet coffee.
  • Paper – opening books and putting my nose close to the pages as they brush past.  History, mystery, adventure, love, anything is possible in those pages, behind that smell.

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