101 uses for…

Day 4

The exercise – Write down as many different and unusual uses for the following objects as you can.

A newspaper

  • dress/shirt/skirt/pants
  • flooring
  • art
  • wallpaper
  • football

A cork

  • a pendent
  • earrings
  • napkin holder (make a hole through)

A wastepaper basket

  • stool
  • drum
  • lampshade
  • mat (opened up)

A drinking glass

  • roller pin
  • vase
  • candle holder
  • cookie cutter
  • mould
  • crushed glass pieces

A button

  • coin
  • ring
  • pendent

An old ironing board

  • door
  • table
  • seat
  • painting surface (art)
  • game paddle

The best I could do under the tight timeline of five minutes.


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