How would you like to be invisible for a day

Day 5

 “When asked in a interview what superpower he would choose to have Michael Crichton is reported to have answered ‘invisibility’. I don’t know whether Crichton imagines what this would be like.  What I do know is that it’s a great fantasy exercise.” (The Five-minute Writer)

Exercise – Try it now and then describe your day in a short piece of writing.

This morning when I woke up I could not see myself.  My first thought was that I was still asleep and started pressing my mind to wake up.  I still couldn’t see myself so I pinched myself (as per checking you are not dreaming guidelines).  Ouch, I am awake.  Next, panic!  I want to wake my husband to tell him but as he is sound asleep I hesitate.  In that split second hesitation I decide there is nothing he can do about it so why not have a bit of fun instead.

I get out of bed as the volume of my body can be seen and wait for him to wake up.  I wait for him to realize he hasn’t heard me move about yet and let him look for me around the house.  Eventually I call him out, he thinks I am still hiding somewhere.  It takes a long while – not until I start touching him –  for him to believe and digest what is going on.

I call work to tell them I am not well and won’t be going in today.  I want to go out and have some fun, conveniently the clothes I put on become invisible too…


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