What makes you happy?

Day 6

Exercise – Make your own collection of Things to be Happy About.  Add to this collection whenever you have a spare moment. TIP: Divide your notebook into sections, listing a different sense in each.


  • Seeing the people I love
  • A beach, the sea
  • Mountains
  • Woods


  • The sounds of waves lapping on the beach
  • Laughter
  • Classical music (uplifting or soothing)


  • Fresh fruit
  • Swiss chocolate


  • Freshly baked bread
  • Freshly cut grass
  • The sea


  • Leaning against the crook of my husband’s neck
  • Hugging my close family members
  • A cat sleeping on my lap, feeling its fur and heart beat

Strictly speaking this is not a five minute writing exercise.   I did as the author suggested and started a list in a notebook.  I took five minutes to write a selection here.


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