No time to write?

Day 7


Step 1.  First, identify some thoughts that keep you from your goal.

Step 2. Having identified your blocks, you now need to rework the sentences so that you turn them into positive affirmations.

Step 3.  Take each response and reword it in the same positive way a you did before.

Step 1
I am not writing because I find it difficult to express my thoughts in writing

The reason I can’t overcome this is I don’t like the way my writing sounds

A benefit I am getting from not writing is that I don’t beat myself about the quality of my writing

Step 2
The more I write the easier it is to express my thoughts

I overcome this by thinking of the way I write as my ‘style’

I benefit from writing by accepting that is is OK not to be perfect

Step 3
I find it easier to express my thoughts in writing if I write them the way I speak

I write about things that interest me, this way the message is more meaningful and I don’t need to worry about how it sounds as much

A benefit from writing is to learn to explore my thoughts and express myself in new ways

I am not sure I have done this exercise correctly but it was an interesting exploration of my barriers to writing.  From the full exercise instructions, I think this can not be done in five minutes as time is needed for thinking.  However I decided to publish this, rather than come up with a random five minute post, as it makes me face the reasons for my blocks more openly.


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