Rewriting clichés

Day 11

The exercise – To help break yourself out of cliché, take the following worn-out expressions and replace the words in italics with new similes of your own.


flat as a pancake ->  flat as a bike tyre that has gone over a bag of nails

good as gold ->  good as a sleeping baby

faster than a bat out of hell -> faster than a blink

charging around like a bull in a china shop ->  charging around like a dog chased by a thousand bees

slow as a snail -> slow as bureaucracy

pretty as a picture -> pretty as a mountain covered in snow

as hard to find as a needle in a haystack -> as hard to find as a mermaid

hard as nails ->   hard as a stone wall

meek as a lamb ->  meek as an obedient dog

white as a sheet ->  white as a cotton boll

silent as the grave ->  silent as a cloudy sky

cold as ice ->  cold as a body in a morgue


Again this has taken much longer than five minutes but was fun to do.  I probably should add another category for the longer exercises…


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