One minute – one sentence

Day 12

The exercise – Take one minute to write a single sentence.  Don’t think too hard and don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense.  Here are some ideas to get you started.

Write a sentence about:

an animal – The three legged dog hoped across the road and seemed determined to enter the grounds of the palace.

an inanimate object – There was a chair covered in glitter sitting at the corner of the room where they wanted to put the mirror.

sex – They hadn’t had sex in the longest time and Sarah didn’t really know why this bothered her so much.

the weather – Every time they took a vacation in this place the weather was always great with blue, sunny skies and a light sea breeze that perfumed the air.

a place – It was the most beautiful town she had ever been too, the houses all looked beautiful painted in the same earthy tones and with flower baskets hanging from windows.

a habit –  He always rotated his pen through his fingers like a cheer leader with a baton.

yourself – I love it when family is together, we can laugh and be silly with each other, say the most ridiculous things and we all think every thing is hilarious.

water – The lake was frozen, the icy water shone  with dark blue reflexes under the bright moon.

love – They thought they loved each other but what they felt was beyond love, they had become one in all the years they spent together.

a season – Spring has yet to arrive as winter continues sharp and cold into the month of April.

death – I am not sure why death is such a taboo – there is only one guaranteed thing when you are born and that is that you will die.


a dull sentence – She brushed her teeth, showered, dried her hair, put her clothes on, applied her make up, had breakfast, left the house and caught the bus to work.

beginning with a name – Andrew knew that he would never return to this place again and he was more than happy about that.

a silly sentence – whenever I eat pickles I get the giggles and everyone looks at me and says how childish I can be!

a sentence beginning with an expletive – S**t, I have cut myself again on this stupid paper dispenser and my hand really hurts.

a sentence beginning with ‘How‘ –  How is it possible that you are looking at it and not seeing what is in front of you?

I have done all the sentences suggested by the author so again it took more than five minutes.


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