Turning Stains Into Stories

Day 13

Exercise – From a given list pick one character, one setting and one object.  Write for five minutes, using the elements to trigger your creative brain into combination mode.

Random elements: single parent / farm / umbrella


On Tuesday evenings the single parent club got together at one of the members’ homes.  Obviously if they were the parent with the child on that day, they would bring them too so the evenings tended to get quite boisterous. But meeting up meant, that for one evening a week, they could relax and be around like-minded people.  They felt part of a little community that supported each other.

Tom lived on a farm, which meant that when it was his turn to host, people had to drive out of town, way into the countryside.  The kids loved it because of the animals and the space to run around in the long summer evenings.  In the winter they sat around the huge fireplace toasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate.

On this particular evening it was raining heavily and everyone was coming into Tom’s place holding an umbrella except Margaret who was soaking wet…


6 thoughts on “Turning Stains Into Stories

      • What other options were on the list? I’d like to try but not sure if I could do a completely fresh take on it using the same words, having read someone else’s. Ya know?

        • I know what you mean and part of the fun of it is the element of surprise! So write these down on separate pieces of paper and pick one from each category.
          characters – doctor / twins / hitchhiker / gardener / thief / single parent / fortune teller
          settings – lake / farm / hotel / supermarket / museum / school / cinema
          objects – bottle of scent / umbrella / letter / camera / chess set / wheelchair / teddy bear
          I look forward to see what you’ll come up with. Have fun!

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