Unfinished Sentences

Day 14

The exercise –  To choose one of the unfinished sentence given by the author and write for five minutes – or more.


The last thing I wanted to do that day was leave home to go on the business trip.  And I was going to be away for two whole weeks.  But I couldn’t very well tell the project team that I couldn’t join them because I had fallen out with my wife.

As if arguing over such a trivial issue wasn’t enough, now I was leaving when we weren’t on speaking terms.  We don’t normally argue that much but when we fall out, we really fall out badly and can go without speaking to each other for days.  It had never happened when I was travelling though, so I wanted to sort things out before coming back.  I called her several times but she never picked up my calls. I just assumed she was still mad and I would have to wait until I got back to fix things.

I knew something was wrong as soon as I got home, everything was still and there was an awful smell as soon as I opened the door.  She had left everything as was, trash and all and just taken her personal stuff.  I knew I shouldn’t have gone on that trip without sorting things out.


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