Time After Time

Day 16

The exercise – To get ideas for a time-associated piece of writing, do a creative search using time as your trigger.  As an alternative, choose a specific time for your creative search and write a piece, using that time in the first sentence.

Note: Creative search, sometimes called semantic mapping, is the technique of writing a trigger word or topic in the centre of a blank page and using it to generate a galaxy of associated words, thoughts and feelings.


I always wake up around 5:30 am, no need to use an alarm.  This is the time I like going for a walk, no matter what time of year but my favorite season is winter.

I like that it is still dark out and there is no one around (or if they are we can’t really see each other). I put on a jacket, gloves and hat for extra warmth.  I feel the cold air as soon as I step out of the door and I can see my breath.

There is almost total stilness at this time – no cars whizzing by, not even birds chirping yet. I get a sense of freedom, I feel exhilarated with the brisk walk in the chilly morning.


I am not sure if I understood the instructions for this one and found it a bit hard to write up on the topic (time).


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