Truly Sumptuous

Day 17

The exercise – In your mind create a room, a fantasy place in which you’d like to stay for a short while.  Furnish the room in whatever style you like and include luxuries to help make your stay as comfortable as possible.


I have never had the desire for opulent luxury.  For me, large private spaces are much more important than expensive and luxurious items.

My dream place, to stay for a short while, would be on a island with warm weather, sunny blue skies and emerald green sea.

The house I would stay in would be away from other buildings, it would face the sea and back up to woods. The smell of pine, sea and jasmine flowers would permeate the air.

There would be huge windows in all directions.  The rooms would be large with white walls and wooden floors.  The furniture would be of natural wood and all soft furnishings would be silky smooth and in pale tones.  Splashes of colour would come from large modern paintings hanging on the walls.

My absolute must have would be a pool on the patio between the house and the sea. The  first thing I would do each morning would be to go for a long walk on the soft sandy beach followed by a swim in the pool.  Then a wonderful breakfast of fresh, tropical fruits would be served by the pool.


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