Last Line Triggers

Day 18

The exercise – Pick one of the last lines, from published stories, provided by the author. Use the line as trigger, either for an ending, or alternatively the opening scene to a flash back story to which you can return at a later date, safe in the knowledge that your ending is in place.


I stood outside for the longest time, staring at the door with the key in my hand, unable to move away.

Memories of the past kept flashing through my mind.  I knew I had to let go, those cozy family scenes were well in the past now, nothing could ever be the same again.

Dad went first, now mum. And my brother had moved to the other side of the world with his own family, years ago.  I was alone and that house was far too big for the cat and me.

I had to let go, even though those happy images from the past kept me rooted to the ground.  Tomorrow the viewings were starting, I had to go and give the keys to the agents now.  I locked the door for the last time.

I turned and walked away through the rain.


I thought that having the last sentence would make this an easy exercise but it turned out to be quite the opposite.  I spent a lot of time before I started writing wondering what kind of scene this would fit.

I only checked which book this line comes from after completing the exercise – it is the closing line for The Eagle has Landed, Jack Higgins.


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