Writing with Colour

Day 19

The exercise – Choose an emotion (happiness, anger and so on).  Choose either an indoor or outdoor setting. Write a piece describing your chosen setting from the point of view of a character who is feeling your chosen emotion.


I sit on the drab plaid armchair while the old man sits at the table eating his crackers and cheese. He offers me another cup of tea but I turn it down,  I’ve drank two already.

The old man is bent over the table slowly chewing his crackers and sipping his tea from a chipped old-fashioned china cup.  He wears a dull green corduroy jacket that he must have had for decades.

While I am waiting for him to finish his food, I take in the room with its frayed brown carpet and faded pale pink and green floral curtains. There are so many old ornaments, dusty and tatty.  There are hundreds of academic books, old leather hard backs in dulled red, brown or green spines.

I wonder when he’ll be done.


This is another  exercise that I found quite hard and I am not sure I got even close to convey the emotion I chose (boredom). But the whole purpose of these exercises is to keep pushing myself.


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