Change Your Life – Buy a New Pair of Jogging Shoes

Day 21

The exercise – When asked to think of life-changing events most people think of the big things like birth, marriage, death and so on. However, life is made of the small things and these can be as powerful in bringing about change.

The requirement for this exercise is to think of small changes that you could make in your life right now.  Choose one to explore and write a short piece about where that change could lead.


I chose swimming be the trigger for change.

I am so tired all the time, I don’t exercise regularly anymore, have lost interest in outdoor activities and feel low a lot of the time.

When the spring comes I push myself to go swimming at this is not as tiring as other activities and I love being in the water.  I go swimming two or three times a week, I make sure that I keep going even on those days that I feel too tired, even if I am just swimming for a short time.

After a few weeks I feel an increase in energy and I start going for walks in the warm summer evenings. My muscles are getting stronger and I want to feed my body better.

Gradually as the weeks pass, I am swimming longer and faster, I am starting to jog as well as walk and I am more conscious about what I eat.

My weekends change dramatically as I now enjoy being out either taking long walks in the country or jetting off to a foreign city.

I have been unsatisfied in my job but the overwhelming fatigue has meant that doing anything about that seemed too hard.  Now that I am feeling much fitter and stronger my self-esteem has increased too and looking for a new job doesn’t feel like an impossible task anymore.

I start looking for a new job and when I go for interviews I feel confident and hopeful.  Eventually, after a few months of focus and persistence I get a new job in the industry and location I wanted.

I move to a new town, where I have wanted to live for a long time. The pace of living here is so much more pleasant and I settle in quickly.  I enjoy my work, make new friends and take up mountain climbing as a new hobby.


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