Who’s calling please?

Day 22

The exercise –  Today the focus is on the use of the phone in fiction.  Write for five minutes using one of the options given by the author as inspiration. My choice:

You are passing a public call booth and the phone is ringing. On impulse you stop and pick it up…


Today when I was walking in a London backstreet I saw one of those now rare red phone boxes and as I approached it, I heard the phone ringing.

I couldn’t resist picking it up. On the other side a woman with a harsh voice said ‘Joanna?’  I replied that I was not Joanna and that she had called a public phone box.  The woman sounded really angry ‘Stop pretending, I know it’s you!  I don’t know how much longer you intend to keep this charade but it’s no good, I am not going to rest until you confess’.  I tried to stop her and repeated that she had dialled the wrong number, that I was not Joanna.

‘There is no point in hiding, sooner or later you will have to come out.  And when you do, you and I have a lot to talk about’ Trying to reason with this woman seemed futile so I hung up the phone.  I hope that Joanna, whoever she is, doesn’t have to pay for this…


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