Turn Your Worst Moments Into Money

Day 23

The exercise – For one minute, write down as many boring topics as you can.  Now pick the most boring of your ideas, and in the four minutes you have left, write 250 words or more.  Don’t worry about writing well. You have a deadline. Let yourself go and get something down as fast as you can.


Boring topics – cooking, cookery programs, celebrity related anything, ironing, shopping, having a hair cut, listening to people talk about stuff that doesn’t interest me.

Cooking – I don’t really get it why some people find cooking so interesting. There are hundreds, probably thousands of cookery books out there, tons of TV programs about cooking.

Personally I think that if anything takes longer to cook than it takes to eat it is a waste of my time.  Different if someone else is cooking to feed me, then I don’t care how long they take.

Having said that, I do not eat processed food and can be even fussy with where I eat (although really most restaurants will do if I am away from home and with no option to eat in).  I will always prefer something cooked at home even if that is just a sandwich or a simple bowl of pasta.

What is it about cooking then that grabs so many people?  Does it make them feel relaxed?  Is it a hobby?  Do they actually enjoy touching the raw foods and turning them into something else?  Is it that they want to cook something they enjoy eating?  Is it because it is the fruit of their own labour?

Well, I actually love simple home made style of food but it is much better when someone else is cooking it!


I did not use the target number of words –  I cannot type that fast (maybe not think either…).


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