Beautiful Words

Day 24

The exercise – Pick one word from the British Council‘s top twenty and free write for five minutes.


I have chosen the word gorgeous.

I love the sound of the word gorgeous.  So many things can be qualified with this word:

  • He’s gorgeous
  • She was wearing a gorgeous dress
  • These flowers are gorgeous
  • We had a gorgeous holiday
  • Gorgeous food
  • The weather was gorgeous
  • He has a gorgeous voice
  • What a gorgeous scenery

If someone else describes anything as gorgeous I can’t help imagining it as beautiful, delicious or whatever is relevant to describe the object.

And the idea can be further emphasized by making the ‘o’ sound long like goooogeous.  This word has a sort of full rounded sensual sound. Gorgeous!


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Words

  1. I want to do this but I can’t find the list! Can you give me a link? I clicked on the one to the British Council but couldn’t find it there.

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