Plunge-in Beginnings

Day 25

The exercise – Choose one of the scenarios given by the author to use as a beginning.  Free write for five minutes.  Don’t think about what you’re writing. Just see where it leads.


Mrs Watson was driving along the country lane, using the breaks every time she saw a house, looking for the right one.   She was going much slower than the allowed speed and the many drivers that had gathered behind her were starting to become very impatience, driving too close to each other.

Her palms were sweaty and her foot kept hitting the break, almost like a twitch.  There was nowhere for her to stop, the country road was narrow and with no space at all to pull out of the way.

She didn’t know how to recognize the house.  The letter had just said it was one of the big houses on Lavender Lane, but all the houses were big here. They had given her the name ‘ Three Willows’ but all the name signs were too small, she had to break every time she came to a house, in order to read the name of the house.

She finally found the house and drove into the long driveway. As she did she wondered why they had invited her here.


For this I chose ‘write about a character who is driving along searching for something or someone.’


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