Turning Stains Into Stories (2)

Day 27

Lately I have been struggling to complete the exercises in the book. They are becoming more complex and focus a lot around building characters and backgrounds for novels.  I have no imagination or ambition to write a novel so I don’t feel up to going into the the level of detail required for these.

I still want to do writing exercises because I want to improve the way I express myself, be it for work, blogging or anything else I need to write for.  My goal is to become more relaxed and not over think everything I write.  Already the exercises have helped me understand that I tend to overuse some words and that I often write more words than I need to.

From now on, when I feel less inspired, I’ll go back to some of the exercises that I enjoyed best. 

Today’s revisited exercise – pick one character, setting and object from a list and write for five minutes, using the elements to trigger the brain into combination mode.  I have these written on separate pieces of paper and pick them with the words facing down so I only see the combination once all the elements are selected.

The elements picked were Hitchhiker, teddy bear and farm


They saw the hitchhiker in the distance as they turn the bend.  She suggested they pick him up as they were miles away from the nearest campsite or town and it was getting dark and cold.  He reluctantly agreed, on the condition that if, once they stopped the guy looked suspicious, he could change his mind.

As they stopped by the hitchhiker they saw that it was a girl, around twenty or so.  She was petite, with a huge backpack and holding a teddy bear in her hand.  They asked her where she was headed and when she told them she was looking for a campsite they told her she would have to walk for a couple of hours before she could reach it and offered her a ride.  She looked hesitant, after all she was on her own in the middle of nowhere and didn’t know these people.  But she was tired and hungry and they seemed like nice folk so she accepted the offer.

As she got in the car they started chatting and they found out that she had also been raised on a farm and that this was the first time in her life that she had been away from home.


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