Unfinished Sentences (2)

Day 29

The exercise –  To choose one of the unfinished sentence given by the author and write for five minutes – or more.


The stale smell of the old rug made me think of my grandfather’s house.  He had lived on his own for almost twenty years after my grandmother had died.

He was an independent man and didn’t want anyone helping him, ‘interfering’ as he called it.  He didn’t see much point in ever washing things like rugs.  He used to say ‘well, we are only going to keep walking on it after all, why bother washing it?’

He always had at least one dog, sometimes two, as well as cats.  The house he lived in was old and damp too so every time I’d walk in the house I would be hit by a mixture of smells – of his pipe, of the dogs and cats, of the old everything, of the dampness and of burnt bread.

Somehow all of these smells seemed to converge in the lounge and at times one would be stronger than the others, other times they seemed to all hit you at the same time.

After getting the smell from the old rug, I could no longer focus as the agent lead us from room to room.  My mind was filled with memories of my late grandfather and of his home.


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