Choice and Consequence – Two Magic Ingredients

Day 31

The exercise – In your five-minute writing slot, jot down as many decision points as you can until you run out of time. Don’t worry about an ending or even writing a story.  The purpose of this exercise is simply to get you using choice and consequence.


He had been in the pub for two hours when she called.  He had to decide whether to go home now or make up some story and continue drinking.

He told her that he was going to stay out a bit longer with his friends as he had not seen one of them in over a year.

One of the other guys said he was hungry, they could just snack there or go to a restaurant.  They decided to go to a restaurant but they could not agree what type of food they wanted.  In the end they went for a pizza.

By then, he realised that he better call home and tell her not to wait for him to have dinner. She wasn’t happy but he thought he’d make it up to her later.

After dinner, someone wanted to go to a bar.  He was thorn between staying out late with his friends or go home to her.

He took the next train and went home.


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