Turning Stains Into Stories (3)

Day 32

Revisited exercise – pick one character, setting and object from a list and write for five minutes, using the elements to trigger the brain into combination mode. 

I have these written on separate pieces of paper and pick them with the words facing down so I only see the combination once all the elements are selected.

The elements picked were single parent, school, letter


Barbara was driving her children to school but the unopened letter was playing on her mind.  Who was it from, what could it be about?

She had had to sign for it as she was getting the kids in the car and had had no time to look at it but the official look of it was worrying her.

She wanted it to be the letter from the University saying she had been accepted. Taking that degree was the dream of her life but as a single parent she was not sure that she could realistically reconcile that with everything else she had going on in her life.



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