Decisions, Decisions

Day 33

The exercise – Think about decisions you’ve made in your own life.  What do you consider to be the best decisions?  Your worst?  Your most difficult?  Your easiest?  Write for five minutes.


My best decisions have always been the ones about making radical changes.  I have lived in different countries, learned languages, met people from all over the world.  if I have to pick only one I have to say going to University in my thirties. This was the most satisfying ecperience of my life.  I had to work really hard, I felt lonely many times, but I was doing it for me and me alone.  The outcome is not really as important as the experience itself.

My worst decisions are the ones when I choose no change.  I fear my worst decision ever will be the one I am making every day, now.  The decision of staying in my well paid, comfortable job because I only have a few years to go before I can retire and get a pension.  I want to think that for once I will do the ‘sensible’ thing but I feel that everyday that I stand by this I am dying a little bit…


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