Unfinished Sentences (3)

Day 36

The exercise –  To choose one of the unfinished sentence given by the author and write for five minutes – or more.


As the train gathered speed, I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t picked up the flowers that Joe had asked me for.

It is his mother’s birthday and he couldn’t get anywhere to buy her a present today.  He was relying on me and I have let him down.  What to do?  If I go home without them it will be embarrassing to go over to his mother’s empty handed.  I know we are only celebrating at the weekend but he really wanted to have a bunch to take with him tonight.

If I get off the train at the next town, then I won’t have another train for hour, it will be too late for him by the time I get back.  I told him I didn’t want to live in the middle of nowhere like this but he wanted to be back where he grew up.

I am so glad that I can go into the city everyday, I think I would go mad if I stayed back in the farm, all day, every day, as he does.  Don’t get me wrong, it is beautiful and peaceful and I love seeing the seasons change, the buds appear in the Spring, the leaves falling in the autumn and everything in between but the distance from the rest of the world gets too much for me sometimes.



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