It’s in the Bag

Day 37

The exercise – Imagine you’ve found someone’s bag, briefcase, purse, or other smallish container.  You don’t know who the owner is but you decide to find out by being nosey.  You open the bag and pull out the contents. Without thinking too hard, list at least six items.

Now, write a short character sketch, based on the items you’ve discovered.


Items found in bag: umbrella, notebook, 3 pens, water bottle, chewing gum, reading glasses, toiletry bag with mirror, hand cream, tooth brush, tooth paste

She is a practical and organized woman.  Her bag has multiple pockets and its clear that everything has its place.  She always carries an umbrella in case it rains unexpectedly.

She likes looking after her skin and keeps herself hydrated by siping her water frequently throughout the day.  She may be slightly obsessed about hygiene and may be self conscious about her breath as she usually has gum with her.

Her notebook is used as a diary and she writes everyday.  Obviously this is important for her as she keeps three pens in her bag.

The handbag and reading glasses denote a taste for understated elegance.

She has no children, otherwise there would be photos of them somewhere.  She is an introvert and prefers her own company and being at home to being out with friends.


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