Day 39

The exercise – Prompt 92 – Write a story about a man who skipped breakfast.


‘Damn! Damn!  I can’t rely on the stupid alarm!  I should be leaving in ten minutes.’

He quickly jumps out of bed and into the shower.  He cleans his teeth and shaves as fast as he can. Fifteen minutes later he’s just putting his tie on, his wife shouts from the kitchen that she’s getting his breakfast ready.  He says he has no time to eat and leaves the house.

He runs down the street, is about to jump on the bus only to realize he has left his wallet at home.  He runs back home, grabs the wallet, kisses his wife as she has comes to check what’s happening and rushes off again.

Now he is almost twenty minutes late.  The bus arrives, he gets on but has to stand up as rush hour has started.  His stomach rumbles and he is in a bad mood. When he gets off at his stop, it is raining but he has no umbrella.  He runs, he needs to get some food before he gets to the office but if he stops he’ll be over half an hour later.  He hopes that if he gets in quickly he’ll be in before the boss so he won’t have to explain why he’s late.

He is soaked and grumpy by the time he arrives.  Nothing goes well in the morning, all he can thing of is of the breakfast he skipped…


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