The roll of film

Day 40

The exercise – Prompt 225 – Use these words in your story: doctor, roll of film, stairwell, telephone.


The doctor had just moved into his new home, which needed a great deal of work before he could move in.

He was using his spare time to get rid of all the possessions left by the previous owner, an elderly man who lived alone and had no children.  When he died, the executors of the estate got one of the second-hand shops in town to come and take the furniture and a charity shop to take clothing, books and other personal effects but whatever was not taken by them was left in the house.  Everything was still there when the doctor moved in, he was doing all the clearing and cleaning himself.  That was the only reason he could afford to buy a house like this in this part of town, so he didn’t mind the job at all, in fact, he was enjoying going through the old man’s possessions.

One day, as he was clearing under the stairwell he came across a roll of film but he couldn’t tell if it had been used. He wanted to call his father who he knew would be able to tell him.  He looked for his mobile but somehow he must have misplaced it when he was moving things around.

He was so curious to know if there was anything in the roll of film, he decided to go out the the telephone box at the end of the street to call his father.


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