The nightmare

Day 41

The exercise – Prompt 186 – Freewrite for 5 minutes using this opening line: Behind her, the noise escalated…


Behind her, the noise escalated.  She couldn’t tell what it was or where it was coming from exactly. But there was something about the sound that made her feel quite anxious and gave her a sense of foreboding, even though she had not figured out what it was.

She quickly paced the street as the shadows of the approaching evening slowly began to engulf the buildings.  The noise continued to increase and now she could distinguish drums and voices through loudspeakers.  ‘Oh no’, she thought ‘let it not be another riot’.  Now she knew why the distant sounds had made her feel so on edge, her unconscious mind had recognized them and triggered off the fear.

It was last year when she had been out with friends celebrating the holiday, watching the parade, listening to music, eating and drinking in the food stalls.  She had just separated from her friends at the end of the afternoon to go home, when the riot broke out.  It had all been fun and relaxed during the day, there had been no sign that things would turn nasty but all of a sudden that’s what happened.  She was caught up in the ensuing chaos as police cordoned off streets and faced the rioters with tear gas and rubber bullets.

She had escaped without being hurt but had been trapped close to the confrontation and had inhaled tear gas.  She had felt sick for a couple of days after this with a sore throat and headaches caused by the gas.  Since then she had recurring nightmares where she saw herself right in the middle of a clash between the police with their guns and the rioters with makeshift weapons.   In the dream, the noises of the police sirens and of the thudding of random objects by the rioters, would gradually increase until it became deafening. She would wake up sweating, her heart beating out of her chest and her mouth dry.

She hurried her pace and rushed to the nearest metro station.  This time she was not going to be around.


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