The burglar

Day 44

The exercise – Prompt 340 – Use the following words in a story: burglar, envelope, forest, desk lamp.


The door opened slowly and quietly.  The burglar entered the room holding a small torch to help him see his way through the dark rooms. He had been given a plan of the house and decided that going in through the back door was his safest bet.

He gently walked across the kitchen and stopped just by the door, listening for sounds but all was quiet.  He stepped into the corridor, took a left and opened the first door.  He closed the door behind him, headed to the desk and turned on the desk lamp.

He looked for the envelope on top of the desk and in the draws but could not find it.  He started searching on the bookshelves but still  there was no sign of the manilla envelope.

He heard noise coming from the front of the house.  He quickly turned off the light and rushed back into the kitchen barely making it before the front door was opened.  As he heard the approaching sound of barking he quickly opened the back door and ran off into the forest.




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