The milk bottles

Day 45

The exercise – Free writing for five minutes.


I live in a nice apartment building in a nice town.   There are allocated parking places, a bike shelter, a shed for garbage and recycling.  The garden areas surrounding the two buildings have flowers, bushes and lawn.  All in all it is a very pleasing environment.

Recently milk started being delivered to the door, I assume to one of the new neighbours.  This is one of those quaint British habits that I thought had disappeared a while ago. Anyway, these people leave home before the milkman delivers and only get back in the evening, which means their milk is left outside all day.  Admittedly, it does not get very hot here most of the time but when the temperatures do go up the milk cannot be very fresh by the end of the day.

Now I have noticed that they are not even being picked up.  The milk bottles are piling up out there on the grass day after day.  Did the people go on holiday or move out and not tell the milkman?  Even so, why does he keep on adding them every day?  I noticed today that the milk in one of the bottles has curdled, I wonder how much longer it will be out there…


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