Day 47

The exercise – First line generated ‘Everyone was asleep except’.

Everyone was asleep except Max.

He couldn’t get the thought out of his head, ‘what have I done, why did I agreed to go with her to her ex’s house when I knew he wasn’t going to be there?  I knew she couldn’t be up to any good and yet I went.  I should have learned by now not to trust her but I am like putty in that woman’s hands.

Max was sure that as soon as her ex saw the house he would suspect it was her doing.  After all it wouldn’t be the first time she had broken in and damage his possessions.  He was also sure the ex would come to the house to confront her.

‘I should never have gotten involved with this crazy woman.  It’ll be damn embarrassing being here when he shows up and watching her lie and cry her crocodile tears.  I am leaving first thing tomorrow, I’ve had enough of being used by her.’


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