The date

Day 48

Revisited exercise – pick one character, setting and object from a list and write for five minutes, using the elements to trigger the brain into combination mode. 

I have these written on separate pieces of paper and pick them with the words facing down so I only see the combination once all the elements are selected.

The elements picked were doctor, museum, chess set


It was closing time at the museum.  Helen still had to finish off some paperwork but she needed to leave on time tonight as she had her first date with the doctor.

She was simultaneously excited and nervous about the date, which was the reason it was taking her longer than usual to complete the inventory of the boxes in the West Basement.

She picked out the next item from the storage box.  It was a beautiful Chinese ivory chess set, probably acquired on one of the many trips its late owner had taken.

Her concentration was lost again as she daydreamed about the kind of travel people did in the past.  She had to remind herself that if she didn’t leave soon she would be late for her date so she quickly started typing.


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