The Airman

The airman appeared through the trees of the dense forest.  Where had he come from?  No one had heard any planes going by, let alone a crash and yet this ghostly figure was walking towards the village as the sun was setting.

Jonas was the first to react.  ‘Hello’ he said ‘what has happened to you?’

The airman looked at him as if he didn’t understand what he was saying.  His eyes darted from one person to another, first with fear but gradually with wonder and realization. ‘I thought I would never see a human being again! I have been roaming the forest for months!’

It was Jonas and the others’ turn to be amazed.  There had been a  crash in the mountains, hundreds of miles away, over a year ago.  After weeks of searches the rescue services had not been able to find the wreckage.  How had he survived all this time?


Prompt from Hourly Prompts.



Day 61

The prompt from hourly prompts is tapioca.


My mother always puts lemon peel and cinnamon sticks in every cooked dessert like rice pudding, custard and so on. I have never been too keen on this flavouring combination, especially as I am not a great lover of cinnamon.

I remember trying tapioca as a child – not only did it taste like lemon and cinnamon as everything else but to make things worse, it had a texture that I found quite revolting.

I wonder how I’d feel about tapioca today although I am not sure I could find it easily.  One dessert that is somewhat similar but that I like a lot, is semolina.  As long as there is no lemon and cinnamon flavouring, that is.

I’ve never eaten Roquefort

Day 60

Writing prompt from Hourly Prompts: Roquefort


I remember clearly when I first came across Roquefort cheese.

I was nineteen and had just moved to France for one year.  I was living with a family who cooked lovely meals every day and I thoroughly enjoyed everything they put on the table.

One day at dinner, after the main course, the father went to the kitchen and brought back a beautiful brown ceramic pot.  He explained it contained gourmet cheese.  As he opened the pot he told me the cheese was called Roquefort and moved the pot towards me so that I could see and smell it.

The smell was so strong I almost fell backwards as I jerked my head away from it. I could not taste it and have never been able to eat Roquefort or any other blue cheese.

The fire

Day 59

The exercise – Random First Line: The fire was getting closer


The fire was getting closer to the house.

For three days volunteers had been working alongside the numerous fire brigades.  They had to dig clearings around the houses as the fire continued to spread.

Day and night the weather was hot.  There was a continuous warm breeze and vegetation was dry as it had not rained in several months.

Francis was one of the volunteers and had hardly been home since the fire started.  Their house was in open country, surrounded by vines and beyond were bushes and trees.

Christine could see the bushes on the hill facing the house were already scorched.  Ash and smoke were drifting above and she knew that flames would soon appear at the top of the hill.

They had sent the children to her parents but she had remained in the house as they had been sure the fire would not reach this far.

Christine realized she would have to leave soon.  She thought how hard they had worked to turn this place into their family home.  She mentally surveyed their possessions and wondered what she could take with her.

She went to the basement, picked up the photo albums and put them in the car.  She sat in a daze for awhile and then drove off.

The last table

Day 58

The exercise – Free write.


She went into the busy hotel restaurant and was seated at the only free table. She ordered from the menu and just as she was about to take her book out from her bag, the waiter came over and asked if she would object if they sat another guest at the same table as there were no others available.  She said she did not mind as the table was for four. The waiter brought in a man who sat diagonally opposite to her.

They nodded to each other courteously, the man picked up the menu, she her book.  As the man finished ordering, her food came and she put her book down.  He commented on how appetising her dish looked, she agreed.  He mentioned that he had noticed the book she was reading and asked her how she was liking it. This led to the next topic and to an evening of easy conversation. By the end of the evening they felt like they had known each other all their lives.