Fifty Days

Today is Day 50 of my daily writing exercises.

Instead of writing a writing exercise today I will go over what I have learned so far with this experience.

  1. I am proud that despite the effort that it takes to come up with something to write some days, I have stuck with my goal for FIFTY DAYS!
  2. The ‘public ‘ commitment to publish exercises daily has helped me stay on course.
  3. I am proud that despite my fears and insecurities about writing, I am publishing the exercises.
  4. I am amazed at how occasionally the writing just flowed as if it was coming out of my fingers rather than my head.
  5. It is a wonderful feeling when my creative brain takes over my thinking brain to the point that I wonder where the stories are coming from.
  6. I have become aware that my fear is not of writing itself but of not writing perfectly.
  7. I don’t feel the quality of my writing has improved or that I find writing easier but I have been able to identify that I tend to overuse certain words such as just, really, so, but, however, realize.
  8. Understanding some of my writing patterns is helping me think of new ways of expressing myself.
  9. I noticed too that I tend to use the past progressive tense (?) a lot – this is something else I am consciously avoiding to over use.
  10. I know that eventually I will stop doing these exercises but doing them is giving me something to look forward to every day.  The hope is always there that tonight it’s going to flow and feel amazing!

Thank you to anyone who has visited this blog and has taken the time to read any of my posts.


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