Last Line Triggers (3)

Day 51

The exercise – Pick one of the last lines, from published stories, provided by the author. Use the line as trigger, either for an ending, or alternatively the opening scene to a flash back story to which you can return at a later date, safe in the knowledge that your ending is in place.


Maria followed me as I went downstairs.  She was crying and screaming that she was sorry and that she promised that she would change.

How many times had I heard that before?  How many times had she cried and apologised and how many times had I felt sorry for her and stayed?  I feared what she would do to herself and never had the heart to leave.

I had enough now though, I could not take it anymore.  Neither of us was happy and I finally understood that I was not responsible for any action she might take.  But I was responsible for my own happiness.

I picked the car keys from  the table by the door.  I opened the door, walked to the car and got in.

I turned the key in the ignition and drove off.


Last line from Remote Control, Andy McNah


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