Day 52

The exercise – Free write for 5 minutes.


The traffic was terrible.  After spending more than half an hour moving at snail pace, a police car came down the hill, with lights flashing, stopping by each car.  He wound down his window and the policeman told him to turn around.

He beat himself up for not asking what the problem was.  Everyone else seemed to be going back the way he had come but, not knowing why they had to turn back, he was reluctant to take the next short cut.  If he did that he would end up close to where he had turned around and he didn’t want to risk being stuck again.

He decided to try an alternative route.  As he did this he was thinking about life with its ironies and how you really have no control over it.  The three previous days he had worked long hours and today, one of the first sunny Spring days of the year, he left work earlier with the intention of going out in the garden when he got home.  The traffic delay meant that he got home at about the same time as the previous days, therefore having no time to sit and relax before starting on the chores.


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