The date

Day 54

The exercise – Prompt 91: Write about a man who got stood up on a date.


The man looked at this watch once again.  They had agreed to meet at 7pm, almost half an hour ago.  She hadn’t called or sent a message so either she had been held up somewhere she couldn’t use her phone or she had forgotten about the date. Maybe she had actually decided she didn’t want to see him again and couldn’t be bothered to tell him.  Either way, it was obvious she wasn’t going to show up.

As he wasn’t in the mood to go back home yet, he decided to see a movie.  While he was waiting in the foyer for his session to start, a woman who appeared to be alone, smiled at him.  They started chit chatting and soon were engrossed in conversation.

They found that they were waiting to see the same movie so they went in together…


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