The last table

Day 58

The exercise – Free write.


She went into the busy hotel restaurant and was seated at the only free table. She ordered from the menu and just as she was about to take her book out from her bag, the waiter came over and asked if she would object if they sat another guest at the same table as there were no others available.  She said she did not mind as the table was for four. The waiter brought in a man who sat diagonally opposite to her.

They nodded to each other courteously, the man picked up the menu, she her book.  As the man finished ordering, her food came and she put her book down.  He commented on how appetising her dish looked, she agreed.  He mentioned that he had noticed the book she was reading and asked her how she was liking it. This led to the next topic and to an evening of easy conversation. By the end of the evening they felt like they had known each other all their lives.


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