The Airman

The airman appeared through the trees of the dense forest.  Where had he come from?  No one had heard any planes going by, let alone a crash and yet this ghostly figure was walking towards the village as the sun was setting.

Jonas was the first to react.  ‘Hello’ he said ‘what has happened to you?’

The airman looked at him as if he didn’t understand what he was saying.  His eyes darted from one person to another, first with fear but gradually with wonder and realization. ‘I thought I would never see a human being again! I have been roaming the forest for months!’

It was Jonas and the others’ turn to be amazed.  There had been a  crash in the mountains, hundreds of miles away, over a year ago.  After weeks of searches the rescue services had not been able to find the wreckage.  How had he survived all this time?


Prompt from Hourly Prompts.


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