Lavender Memories

Lavender reminds me of my grandmother, of old fashioned things.  Growing up there were very little perfumes around, very little sophistication.  I remember half a dozen smells, just a few scents from soaps, detergents and lavender.

Lavender was picked and dried, otherwise bought already dried and we used to make our own little scent bags at some point. We’d put the lavender in them and put them in the wardrobes and draws.  There were also the soaps, body lotions and maybe eau de toilette which smelled like lavender.  But still, even then, it was a kind of old fashioned smell, I think that is why it makes me think of my grandmother.  That is kind of weird because I don’t remember her actually smelling of lavender.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I realised that there are different types of lavender.  I think there is a revival of this plant in cosmetics and the home and one type I enjoy the smell of and triggers no emotional reaction at all whilst another hits my senses hard and brings back memories of the past.


A new challenge for me – Kellie Elmore gives the prompt and the idea is to just write without thinking and not going back to edit.

#FWF Free Write Friday: Word Bank

Your FWF prompt this week is a word bank…

sweet – lavender – flute – heir – willow – bask

You may use all six words if they fill in naturally OR you may work off only one if it better feeds your page. Take a moment, look them over and write…freely.


15 thoughts on “Lavender Memories

  1. It’s amazing what one specific smell will trigger, yet another does nothing. The smell of a pipe or good cigar reminds me of my grandfather. I always loved his pipe.

    • I agree, it’s quite fascinating and I wonder how often we aren’t aware that a memory was triggered by a specific smell. I love the image of a pipe smoking grandfather! Thank you for your comment Heidi.

  2. Lena … I just loved this piece … what memories it evokes! Yes, there are many types of lavender, many strengths … but the true scent from nature outshines them all … my favorite fragrance … yes, I am old fashioned, even make my own lavender scented soap.

  3. I am just blown away this week. The reads just get better and better. I love your prose…the nostalgia, the imagery, the deep lingering it leaves on my soul. A beautiful read. Thanks so much for joining us and I hope you will again in the future. ♥

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