Child’s Play

I wanted to do some free writing this morning using a prompt.  I went over to Twitter for inspiration ( or ) but ended spending a good half an hour reading twits and clicking on links.

I finally got back to my initial purpose and saw the current prompt from Hourly Prompt was ‘Child’s Play’ and thought ‘okay, I can try that’.

I wrote my new post title and then looked at the screen for a few minutes with no useful ideas at all popping into my head.  ‘I’ll go and have breakfast now and then will pick a new prompt when I get back.’

While I was getting breakfast ready,  I realised that the approach I have with writing, this new hobby of mine, is the same I have with most things I do.  And it occurred to me that this prompt couldn’t be more appropriate to describe that attitude.

I don’t put much effort into anything I do, I’ll try anything that interests me but only as long as it’s easy.  For example at work, I understand the kind of commitments and behaviours that are needed to move up the ladder.  I don’t want to move up the ladder because I don’t want to put any more effort, in terms of time or intellectual commitment into it.

I love photography but I’m too lazy to fully learn how to use the camera or to plan any type of shots.  I have taken drawing lessons and I found I love drawing and painting but these don’t come naturally to me so I don’t do them unless I am taking a class.

This sums up my approach to life pretty well – I’ll happily do something if it is child’s play to me, otherwise I’ll find an excuse or reason not to.  Well, I am going to work on that with the writing.  Until recently I had no idea I could write anything slightly creative but unknown stories come to the front of my mind when I read prompts and I enjoy exploring that.

Even if it takes time, I will wait until I can write about the prompt I picked, instead of giving up and looking for another one.  Right, so I have just done that now!


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