A new life

She was tired of fetching water from the well every day.  Their dream hadn’t quite turned out the way they had imagined.

After twenty odd years of corporate jobs they had opted for a radical change of lifestyle.  As a couple without children they had both worked hard, traveled the world and fulfilled all their adventure ambitions.  All they could see for the future was more of the same and that did not thrill them anymore.

They had heard of abandoned villages in the southern countries where people like them, tired of the rat race, had already set up new self sufficient communities.

It all sounded very appealing, almost romantic – they agreed that such a change could be what they needed.  For months they visited several places until they finally settled for a small village with established expats and a few houses for sale.

They had moved to the village at the end of Spring and despite the lack of electricity and running water the Summer had been idyllic with its long, sunny hot days.  Once the winter set in (and it could be quite cold in these parts) spending long nights with only dim, flickering lights and a log fire that got blown out with the wind was hard to take.

Other people seemed happy enough with the basic commodities but they weren’t as happy as they had imagined they would be.  Due to the remoteness of the village it could be months before workmen were available to do the much needed repairs and install services in the house.

In the meantime she would continue to fetch the water and dream of Spring and a warm house…


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