Dirty laundry

“Why do you have to wash our dirty laundry in public?”  Claire shouted, as she negotiated her way through the crowded pub into the street.

“What are you talking about?” Tony tried to keep pace with her.  It always amazed him how anger made her walk so fast.

“The bombshell you just threw in there.  You have this crazy habit of giving me upsetting news when we are out,  enjoying ourselves.  Why couldn’t you wait until we got home to tell me this?”

“Because when we get home we immediately turn on the computers or watch TV and don’t talk.  And when we do talk, we don’t listen to each other.” He said while opening their apartment door.

“That is no reason to bring up personal issues like that in public”.   She took off her shoes by the door and went into the living room to turn her laptop on.


I wrote this in June based on a prompt from Andy’s Words & Pictures. I didn’t know how to end the story (this is always an issue) so put it aside intending to go back but ended up forgetting about it. Having read it now I decided to post it anyway.


4 thoughts on “Dirty laundry

  1. I enjoyed it just as it is, so I’m glad you posted it. You are not alone on figuring out a proper ending. That’s really the art of it all isn’t it? But here I think you bring it right back around and show that his assessment was pretty accurate as she sat down to here laptop tuning out the rest of the world. nice job!

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