Childhood treasures

When I was a child there weren’t as many toys as today so everything I got was precious to me.

I remember at Christmas we would get our presents on Christmas Eve and whatever I got I would put by my bed so that I could see it again first thing in the morning.

I remember my first ‘real’ doll – her name was Carol and it had a whole rubber body and wavy, long brown hair. I don’t remember playing with dolls that much but remember that I had a particular fondness for Carol and she was my favourite doll for many years.

My other biggest treasure was my bike. I was 9 or 10 when I got it and it was a very modern bike as it was fold-able. One time my dad was teaching me to ride it in an open field and as he pushed the bike it opened up and I fell.

Another time I was riding with my sister sitting on the back and we fell. My sister was unhurt and ran home to call our parents. I had blood pouring from both my knees but my biggest concern was about the bike; I was so worried that I might have damaged it. In the end I was fine and the bike was fine too but this episode has stayed imprinted in my memory as that bike was so precious to me.


Here is your FWF prompt…

Write about your most memorable childhood gift. Was it a Christmas gift? A Birthday gift? Was it something you really wanted or was it a surprise that ended up holding a sentimental place in your heart? What do you remember? How did it make you feel?


8 thoughts on “Childhood treasures

  1. I remember my first bike. It was not the prettiest thing, as my dad couldn’t afford much. But I also remember that it didn’t matter once I learned to ride it. Roaming my block with friends was the first time I tasted independence! 🙂 Sigh… 🙂

  2. You’ve helped a memory to resurface, Lena! I grew up with two brothers, and although they were a bit younger, I wanted so much to impress them. So when they were “popping wheelies” on their bikes, I thought I’d try it, too. It didn’t end so well for me… I came clean off my bike in mid-air, while upside down, and I landed on my head! I acted like I was just fine, but it hurt like heck! I earned some stripes that day. 😉 Thanks so much for your story. 😀

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