May 27, 2013

A weekend break at the beginning of this month led to a break of the daily writing in this blog.  I felt that I was making no progress and wanted some time to reconsider whether to continue with writing exercises or not and if so how often.

I have missed writing and have come to the realization that regardless of the quality or depth of what I write, this is doing much more for me than just practicing writing.  I have gone from wanting to improve how I write for daily life to trying my hand, publicly, at creative writing.

I feel my mind, as well as my awareness of writing is expanding and that alone is worth pursuing.  However I have decided that although I will still aim to add writing exercises to the blog everyday, I won’t make myself a slave of the title I have given it.  Some days I may write on a notebook and not publish, some days I may just read about writing but I’ll continue my journey to better my writing and open my mind.


April 19, 2013

For the most part it has been very difficult to find inspiration and write every day and I don’t feel that I have improved in any way.  However, a couple of times I have had the most amazing feeling that words were just coming out of my fingers and that has kept me going.  If nothing else I am proud of myself for still being here five weeks later, writing every day.

As of today I am looking at different books or sites for inspiration as I have more or less done what I can do from the Five-Minute writer.  I will always credit the source of the prompts through links in my posts.


March 13, 2013

I started blogging because of my struggle with writing.  I am not talking about writing fiction here, just writing.  In my day to day I spend ages agonising over emails and documents, on how they read and whether I get my message across.  After years of wondering how I can become more relaxed about writing, I decided to do something about it.

With blogging I am writing for writing sake, something I did not do before and I am putting myself out there – big steps for me.  However this has not made a significant impact to the way I approach writing so I am taking another step – writing exercises.  I am hoping that with regular practice writing will become easier and more enjoyable.

I am using the book The Five-minute Writer: Exercise and Inspiration in Creative Writing in Five Minutes a Day by Margret Geraghty as a guide for the writing exercises.  As the title says the exercises require writing five minutes a day and to reinforce my commitment to do the daily exercises I will be publishing them.

I am anxious but excited about the experience.  I am determine to complete the exercises whatever the outcome might be. I am looking forward to this journey!


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