Random letters

For a while I have not been inspired enough to write any story from beginning to end.  Even prompts have not had the desired effect.

The thing is, although I am only beginning to explore my creative writing, I feel I have become addicted to the sensation of words flowing from my finger tips as if someone else is writing them.  What else is hiding in the depths of my psyche that I am not aware of?  I want to know and for that I have to keep writing.

Today I resorted to a practice exercise with the simple intent of forcing something out without having to create an actual story with beginning, middle and end.

This idea is from ‘The Pocket Muse – ideas & inspirations for writing‘ by Monica Wood:

Chose ten random letters of the alphabet and write them at the top of a blank page.  Using words that begin with these letters, in the same order, write an opening sentence.

I selected my random letters by moving the mouse through a blog post on my screen.  I wrote five separate pieces which turned out quite different from each other.  This was a fun and challenging exercise to do.


I    S    E    N    R    K    O    T    Y    D


I seek enlightenment
Not reasoned knowledge
Or theological yarns


Isabella stripped Eric naked, right knee on the yard deckchair.


In spring eagles nest
Ravens keep out
Thrushes yearn dawn


I see, each night, Roger knock over the yellow door.


Ingrained sentiments eclipse natural reactions. Knowing others’ transgressions yet, denial.



A new life

She was tired of fetching water from the well every day.  Their dream hadn’t quite turned out the way they had imagined.

After twenty odd years of corporate jobs they had opted for a radical change of lifestyle.  As a couple without children they had both worked hard, traveled the world and fulfilled all their adventure ambitions.  All they could see for the future was more of the same and that did not thrill them anymore.

They had heard of abandoned villages in the southern countries where people like them, tired of the rat race, had already set up new self sufficient communities.

It all sounded very appealing, almost romantic – they agreed that such a change could be what they needed.  For months they visited several places until they finally settled for a small village with established expats and a few houses for sale.

They had moved to the village at the end of Spring and despite the lack of electricity and running water the Summer had been idyllic with its long, sunny hot days.  Once the winter set in (and it could be quite cold in these parts) spending long nights with only dim, flickering lights and a log fire that got blown out with the wind was hard to take.

Other people seemed happy enough with the basic commodities but they weren’t as happy as they had imagined they would be.  Due to the remoteness of the village it could be months before workmen were available to do the much needed repairs and install services in the house.

In the meantime she would continue to fetch the water and dream of Spring and a warm house…

No time to get lonely

Prompt 339 from Creative Writing Prompts – Write about 5 things you would do to entertain yourself if you did not see a soul for 7 days.

Since there are no other specific limitation on this prompt I assume I could be at home without working.


I don’t normally run out of things to do whether I have company or not.  If I were alone at home for 7 days this is how I would keep myself entertained:

1. Laptop – my trusted and constant companion would be my main source of activity.  I would read news, blogs and other social media, write on my blog and keep up with my email.  I might even do some shopping.

2.  Movies – Watching movies is one of my favourite pastimes so I would watch as many as I’d want to.

3. Reading – I have so many unread books – this would be a great chance to read at least one.

4. Cycle – On my exercise bike – I could keep active without leaving home.

5. Spring cleaning – With no one in the way I could get some sorting out done.

The truth?  7 days would not be enough to do everything I wanted to do but I could certainly keep myself busy and entertained for that time!

The Airman

The airman appeared through the trees of the dense forest.  Where had he come from?  No one had heard any planes going by, let alone a crash and yet this ghostly figure was walking towards the village as the sun was setting.

Jonas was the first to react.  ‘Hello’ he said ‘what has happened to you?’

The airman looked at him as if he didn’t understand what he was saying.  His eyes darted from one person to another, first with fear but gradually with wonder and realization. ‘I thought I would never see a human being again! I have been roaming the forest for months!’

It was Jonas and the others’ turn to be amazed.  There had been a  crash in the mountains, hundreds of miles away, over a year ago.  After weeks of searches the rescue services had not been able to find the wreckage.  How had he survived all this time?


Prompt from Hourly Prompts.